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Rachel & Justin // PLANET LUXE

Founded by Toni Lawler, and now owned by Eco Evangelists, Wellbeing Warriors and Design Doyens Rachel & Justin Bernhaut – PLANET LUXE is the culmination of many years toiling in creative and academic pursuits. 

From their entrepreneurial roots, ignited by a tiny mouth and it’s even tinier first tooth, Rachel and Justin have come full circle in many ways, now that they are at the helm of Australia’s most beautiful lifestyle brand, 


Two lives founded on science and the creative arts, fused and compounded by the cut and thrust of years spent in New York City, emboldened by careers in magazine photography and styling, and shocked into the immediacy of parenthood.

And cleaning toilets. And the rest.

We love life, and we desperately strive to accomplish pleasure over pain, all the while being invigorated by life’s challenges. 

Like you, we keep layering it up.

We believe strongly that prevention is better than cure, and despite the proverb first being uttered in the 13thcentury, it seems easily forgotten amongst the white noise of modern life.

Our eyes are wide open.
Yours are too.

We take the time to look at ingredients on the label. 
We know a thing or two about safety.
We take note when a product elicits a physical response – Headache? Skin irritation?
We consider that our children may come into unnecessary contact with chemicals.
We consider our pets. AKA our other children.
We consider the ramifications. Endlessly.

We believe that careful curation of products invited into our homes is a prerequisite because we value wellbeing. Above everything.

We don’t just take it for granted. 
We don’t buy into the stuff they tell us on the telly. 

Wait, we don’t even watch ‘the telly’ in the same way anymore – we curate that too. 

Thank the planet for subsisting us all. 

Do this by being gentle. To the planet. To Yourself.

Ditch the chemicals. Trash the toxins.

Tread carefully. With determination.

Live Thoughtfully. Live Consciously.