Better Habit #8

How often do we hear these words – or something like them?

I am a major sufferer of the ‘too busy’ syndrome and have been most of my working life, but life is too short to be busy all the time.

It’s easy to fall into the busy trap, it makes us feel important and wanted. Only losers don’t have anything to do! – but maybe saying I’m super busy all the time is really a vanity thing.

I have started to think that maybe I’m the real loser here. Not only do I feel stressed most of the time because I have so much to do…but maybe if I eliminate the idea of being too busy all the time I can finally open the door to being totally happy. I am on a quest to feel human again – aware, productive and happy!

Eliminating busy means I am in control of my life and my time management skills. Eliminating busy will mean that I get the time to really think, to improve my productivity and creativity that will move my business forward.

My Steps to Eliminate Busy

  1. Say No More Often
  2. Delegate
  3. Say No More Often
  4. Say No More Often

READING: Zen Habits

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By Planet Luxe, Feb 11 2016 03:32PM