Better Habit #5

When I last moved house I was astounded at much stuff I had squirrelled away in what I thought was a roomy space but with limited storage. I promised myself I would de-clutter and have got rid of some things but now it’s crunch time! I’ve bought a new place and it’s compact. I don’t want to fill it with occasional furniture and knick-knacks on every surface so I have 30 days to cull and move with only what I really love and want to keep. 

Goodbye to all those things I’ve bought over the years at op shops, garage sales and second-hand furniture stores that will be great if I buy a beach shack, a country retreat, a warehouse, a massive house or farm! I’m not buying any of those places in the foreseeable future and that’s a fact. 

Goodbye to a bunch of stuff that has been gifted, handed down or inherited that reminds me of someone special but I don’t really like for its own sake and so keep in cupboards or storage. 

Goodbye to the clothes I don’t wear that I either don’t like, love but are worn through/damaged/really out of fashion and those that just don’t fit anymore (some I don’t think ever did!).

Then there are all the projects I plan to do. Craft, sewing, knitting, jewellery making and anything else I’ve seen in a store, magazine or on a blog and thought ‘I can make that’…but I haven’t. 

And so it goes on! Frankly I’ve just got too much of everything.

So now I begin a serious clean out. I am approaching the job one room at a time following tips from the very clever Tanya Lea, a professional organiser from Declutterhome.

SORTING - Organise some empty boxes for sorting items. Decide what categories you need and label ready for sorting. For example: items to keep, charity, sell, repair, rubbish, for friends or family, storage (I am not putting anything in storage!).

RUBBISH BINS - Don’t forget to take the bins out that week so they are empty and ready to use. Check with your local council to see if you get any free hard rubbish collections. Pre-book a rubbish skip bin if needed.
CHARITY – I have a pile of things to go to charity. Tanya suggests researching your favourite local charity and making sure they are taking donations. Some charities get overloaded with certain items so it’s worth researching options in advance. Take note of their opening hours too!

SELL – I’m having a garage sale and putting some things on eBay and Gumtree. If they don’t sell they will be going to charity.

DECLUTTERING/ORGANISING TIPS – Tanya says it doesn’t matter what space she is organising she always follows the same steps: sort, assess, clean, put away, label. 
1. Sort items into categories. 
2. Assess what’s to stay and what’s to go. 
3. Clean surfaces. 
4. Put remaining items away in new logical homes. 
5. Label storage, drawers and shelves to help keep organised.

Wish me luck!

WATCHING: DVDs of Entourage 

LISTENING TO: Whistle While You Work from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 1937  


By Planet Luxe, May 09 2015 01:33AM