Better Habit #4

A recent article got me thinking about how often I wash my clothes. Lately the spotlight’s really been focused on sweatshop conditions, what’s sustainable fashion, the amount of fast fashion ending up in landfill etc. We all want to feel that we are not contributing to bad production practices but I was shocked to read that it seems that everyday washing and drying of our own clothes damages the environment the most.

The environmental impact of our washing habits apparently outweighs all that was incurred getting the garment to us in the first place. Our compulsion with super cleanliness - don't even get me started on anti-bacterial wipes and so forth!!! – has us washing our clothes after just one wear. Technology has made it much easier for us to wash often and big brands want us to use more washing powder so encourage our obsession - but we are now washing what is really still clean a lot of the time. 

I’m not suggesting you stop washing your clothes in the name of sustainability and saving the planet – but I know I over wash and now I’m going to rethink this habit and look to wash garments when they need it. 

From today I am going to think more carefully not only about the type of clothing I buy and how it was made – but also not automatically throw clothes into the wash basket without considering if I can get another wear out of them.

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By Planet Luxe, Jan 17 2015 01:48AM