Toni Lawler

It is with great sadness that we must advise of the passing of Planet Luxe owner and creator Toni Lawler. 

Following some severe back pains only little over a year ago, initially diagnosed as sciatica, further tests subsequently revealed a tumor on the spine with the primary being a particularly aggressive cancer in the esophagus. With no known cure, but in typically defiant Toni Lawler fashion, she set about to defy the odds and beat this insidious disease. Toni didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her, or let this disease run her life, so she decided to keep her diagnosis as low key as possible and continued to focus on her much loved Planet Luxe brand.

Following some conventional chemotherapy, which appeared to at least be keeping the cancer at bay, Toni was one of a select group accepted into an advanced medical trial, using new treatments which had shown some exceptional outcomes in other forms of cancer and which gave Toni and all around her genuine hope of a positive outcome. 

Unfortunately the trial played havoc with Toni’s immune system and targeted many healthy organs, doing nothing but making her extremely ill. Still defiant when faced with a very poor prognosis, her words to her specialist were very clear “I’m not ready to cash in my chips yet, what else do you have” and she put herself through a further stage of radical therapy. When she finally went off all treatment in October with at least the promise of ‘a few weeks of feeling much better’, it was not to be and she declined very quickly, finally losing the battle on Monday November 13. 

Toni lived and breathed Planet Luxe, which over the last 5 years had been the sole focus of her life, in addition of course to her constant companion Hadley the dog. When faced with the inevitable outcome, she asked for nothing more than for Hadley to be well looked after and for Planet Luxe to continue and grow into the long term future. 

So Hadley the dog is currently living with Toni’s sister and best friend Fiona on their farm at Flinders, together with husband Richard and their two dogs Indy and Leo. Planet Luxe is continuing to operate with the assistance of Richard’s wonderful staff from his business premises (originally in Port Melbourne but recently relocated to Dandenong South), from where Toni had been running Planet Luxe virtually since its inception. 

Toni’s infectious personality and enthusiasm meant that she treated every one of her stockists and customers as friends and with your continued support our aim is to ensure Toni’s legacy continues on and hopefully grows into the long term future. We ask that you be a little patient however while we pick up the threads of her systems and replenish stocks of product, so orders can be filled in a timely manner. 

For any Planet Luxe product or order enquiries please contact Jackie Stokes, or account related queries contact Carol Fleskens Both can also be reached on (03)9646 0999.